Dress for yourself, unapologetically. Celebrate your self-worth, daily.


We believe in the power of the confidence you feel when you lovethe way you look, because you have treated yourself with the care you deserve.

We believe in complimenting your strengths and defining success on your own terms.

We believe in your self-worth.


We design products tailored for your every day. No matter what life throws at you, we promise they will rise up to the challenge and move you forward.


We craft the most classic and essential products so that you can make them your own. They are carefully constructed and intentionally simple so that you can imbue your own meaning into them.


In every step involved in creating our products- from raw materials to the products that arrive in your hands- we make thoughtful choices we can feel good about. We promise that you can feel good with every pair you choose.



Eunice Cho started PAIRE because she wanted to make life easier for herself and others like her.

Ten years ago when she was going from her fashion job in New York to business school, she realized that shopping for a proper pair of stylish black pants was hard and even harder online. She wanted to create the ultimate pants that she’d love to wear- that would always look flawless and could take the wear and tear of daily life.

PAIRE was born.