We have spent years constructing the perfect pants for your every day.


Great pants are hard to find and with good reason. A well-constructed pair of pants are both expensive and difficult to make.

But pants are an essential piece for every stylish woman’s closet. Think Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Bianca Jagger, the list goes on; and sometimes leggings or jeans just won't cut it.


To make the kind of pants women actually want to wear, we set out to create our version of the perfect pants: comfortable, practical, and versatile.


Everything starts with fabric. We use a special patented Italian knit fabric of the highest quality that has unmatched stretch and recovery. Even after many wears, the fabric never loses its shape and flawless look.


We work with good people who create good things. Our mills are Oeko-Tex certified with environmentally responsible practices. We work directly with our factories in Los Angeles. We try to use biodegradable materials wherever we can.

We believe in taking care of the Earth and the people around us. We are an LA-based company, and everything is made right here in Los Angeles.


Eunice Cho started PAIRE because she wanted to make life easier for herself and others like her.

Ten years ago when she was going from her fashion job in New York to business school, she realized that shopping for a proper pair of stylish black pants was hard and even harder online. She wanted to create the ultimate pants that she’d love to wear- that would always look flawless and could take the wear and tear of daily life.

PAIRE was born.